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Jizz's Driving School

"Ferris, He doesnt drive it. He just rubs it with a diaper."

4 April
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Hi, I'm Jizz.

12 year olds, 311, 80's music, abnormously big sunglasses, acdc, asian persuasion, beach, ben harper, big earrings, big headphones, big lips, big rings, bikini bandits, bill and ted, billy idol, biodome, black sabbath, bodily functions, books, boy meets world, bras, brobdingnagian, built to spill, bunk, candels, chap stick, chinese food, chingy, cindy lauper, classic rock, cool hair, cursive, deftones, degrassi, depeche mode, dodge ball, drawn together, ear popping, eating, ed and ted, elbows, experiencing skate videos, faux hawks, fight club, fish net, food, fried chicken sundaes, friends, g love, goofy faces, green tea, guns n roses, guster, guys clothing, guys with cool hair, gwen stefani, heart, highly arched eyebrows, honey wheat pretzels, horse the band, hot fudge sundaes, howard stern show, incubus, interpol, jade, janes addiction, jason mraz, jay and silent bob, jimi fucking hendrix, juice, kicking some ass, kiss, laughing, le tigre, led zepplin, lighters, literature, lost, love, making out, malibu's most wanted, mos def, motley crue, my bed, naomi cambell, neil young, nickelodeon magazine, old spice, ozzy, personality, peter frampton, pink floyd, pizza, prank phone calls, pretty girls make graves, pumpkin, queen, rain, reading, rebel yell, reno 911, res, rolling stones, safety green, salt n peppa, sandals, shiny things, sin city, siouxsie and the banshees, sleeping, slim jim, sneakers, snow, snow boarding, sobe, sonic youth, south park, speech impediments, strong-bad, styx, sublime, sweet jeebus, t shirts, teenage wasteland, the beatles, the cure, the fairly odd parents, the flamming lips, the mars volta, the outsider, the pest, the postal service, the ramones, the sounds, the unicorns, the usual, the violent femmes, the weekenders, the who, thin lizzy, tic tacs, toe socks, tupac shakur, undapants, urban outfitters, velvet underground, wawa, wilco